As my mediation practice grows, some of my attorney clients have been kind enough to review my efforts. These comments from past clients speak louder than anything I could say.


“Many of you, I am sure, will recognize the name, Tanner Garth.  Yesterday I engaged him in his new role as mediator.  I took a very difficult case against Harris County to Tanner for mediation.  Not that I didn’t expect Tanner to be good, but he was in fact brilliant.  Tanner settled our case that I would have bet the farm would have never settled.  He did a terrific job.  We are always talking about mediators and who to use; I would not hesitate to recommend Tanner and would encourage everyone to add him to your list of go-to mediators.”



”I have known Tanner Garth for nearly 30 years.  He is as good a plaintiff lawyer as I have tried a case against, and he seems to be an even better mediator.  I don’t hesitate to use Tanner for even the most complicated and messy mediation; he has the experience and knowledge to deal with whatever issues exist and he has something that many mediators are missing – common sense and social skills.”

— Randy Fairless, JOHANSON & FAIRLESS


I recently had a very difficult death case with Tanner Garth.  It was legally and factually complex and I had no expectations, partly because I had never met or mediated with Tanner and had no clue as to how the mediation would be handled.  Tanner was masterful in both rooms.  He was kind, respectful and aggressive when appropriate.  He knew the law, he knew the courts, and he was able to provide a perspective and dialogue that only an experienced mediator and trial lawyer could bring to the table.  His staff was much more cooperative and professional than out-of-town lawyers deserved.  After we left the mediation at the end of a long, very difficult day, we were not done.  Tanner was on the phone with me before I could leave town, exploring all possible, creative alternatives to get the case settled.  He continued to work with everyone until the case was finally settled.  Honestly, I know of no one who could have gotten us there other than Tanner.  I know of no one who would have devoted the extra time and extra effort to my case.  I highly recommend him and will use him as often as I can.”

— Joe K. Crews, CREWS LAW FIRM, P.C.


“Tanner brings a wealth of practical wisdom and experience based on his years of litigating cases on both sides of the docket.  It gives him helpful insight.  He is passionate about helping parties resolve their case and does not hesitate to follow up with everyone even after an impasse has been reached in order to see if resolution is possible.  Serves great food.”

— William R. Rustam, SPRAGUE, RUSTAM & DIAMOND


“I came to Tanner to mediate an operated back/commercial vehicle case.  The defense lawyer was an experienced litigator who had used Tanner before.  Tanner did a great job with my client, who was very shy and did not speak much English.  We were able to resolve the case for a confidential figure that both I and my client were very happy with.”

—  Mark B. Levin, STERN LAW GROUP


I am a defense lawyer who recently mediated with Tanner Garth for the first time and I will be back to see him.  My opposing counsel told me that he had client control problems, and those definitely surfaced at the mediation.  Due to Tanner’s years of experience as a trial lawyer, and his dogged persistence, he was able to connect with the plaintiff and get our case settled.”

—  Gina A. Lucero, LUCERO / WOLLAM, P.L.L.C.


“Tanner Garth is an exceptional and skillful mediator who has a unique combination of high intelligence and true compassion.  Tanner mediated my case in a very practical and unbiased manner while combining his years of experience as a trial lawyer along with his experience as a mediator to help both sides reach a resolution.  I highly recommend Tanner without any reservation as a mediator and will definitely engage him to mediate cases in the future.”

—  Derrick G. Parker, D.G. PARKER LAW FIRM, PLLC


“Mr. Garth quickly understood the facts and the law in the matter and capably made each side understand whether and why to settle.”



Mr. Garth did a great job helping us settle a difficult case.  Mr. Garth worked hard to move both parties to a common ground in a case that had liability and damage issues.  Most importantly, he was fair and consistent in his approach.  I will certainly use him in the future.”

— Lans Ireson, IRESON & WEIZEL, P.C.


Mr. Garth did an exceptional job at mediation and was extremely diligent post-mediation to facilitate a resolution.  Will continue to use Mr. Garth as a mediator on future cases.”

—  Adam Q. Voyles, LUBEL VOYLES, LLP


We enthusiastically recommend Mr. Garth as a mediator.  He took the time to read the submissions presented by both parties.  While he was fair in the way he paid attention to the arguments and proposals of both sides, he was effective in convincing the parties to compromise their positions and move toward resolution.”



“Tanner’s ‘Good ‘ol Boy’ personality has a way of getting cases resolved.  He is also able to draw on his extensive experience as a trial lawyer to work both rooms and get even contentious cases settled.  He should be on everyone’s go-to mediator list.”



“Unlike many mediators, Mr. Garth has actual trial experience and has litigated cases, both as a defense attorney and as a plaintiff’s attorney.  I have actually tried a case against him and know that he is a very capable trial attorney.  The case that Mr. Garth mediated for me was a personal injury case.  Because of his practical experience, he was able to point out both the strengths and weaknesses of my case, which at the end of the day helped facilitate a fair settlement for both parties.  I have no problems in recommending him as a mediator.”



 “Mr. Garth was appointed by the court to be our mediator in a highly contentious, complex case with difficult personalities.  He skillfully and quickly cracked right down to the issues governing the case while being a caring audience which allowed the client to feel heard and validated.  All the while, Mr. Garth kept the focus on the judicial process, the evidence, the contentions, the potential risks and rewards, and the practical issues involved.  He reminded all involved of the realities of litigation and its costs and perils.  Although I had not mediated with Mr. Garth in the past, I will definitely return to him as a chosen mediator.”


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